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Despite being considered one of the biggest names in R&B music, Summer Walker has often found herself asking: Is this worth it? Often exhausted by the judgement and expectations of her as an artist, Summer uses her Mindset Collection to get raw and real with listeners. From opening up about her struggles with social anxiety to calling out societal bullshit, this collection will reveal a side of Summer never publicly shared before.

8 Episodes

Is This Worth It?

Is This Worth It?

Introduction • Topic • 5 min

A high school heartbreak started her journey into music, but what drives singer-songwriter Summer Walker to continue? Summer shares realizations she's had about both her music and her life.

Don't Try Me

Don't Try Me

Ep 1 • Topic • 11 min

Summer never wanted to be a performer. She just wanted to make music. Summer delves into her struggles with social anxiety, the exhaustions of touring, and the assumptions people put on her for being an introvert.

Give Me the Truth

Give Me the Truth

Ep 2 • Topic • 9 min

Working through trauma is never easy. Summer opens up about the tools, support, and realizations that were required for her to finally start her journey towards healing.

Shit is Real

Shit is Real

Ep 3 • Topic • 13 min

Summer shares her experiences growing up in a Baptist home and opens up about what she truly believes in: reincarnation, manifestation, and astrology.

Princess Bubbles

Princess Bubbles

Ep 4 • Topic • 7 min

Summer offers words of wisdom to her daughter Bubbles while also explaining how manifestation has impacted her experience with Motherhood.

A Hood Fairy Tale

A Hood Fairy Tale

Ep 5 • Topic • 11 min

Summer reflects on her history of toxic relationships and how the prince of her hood fairy tale woke her up to see what she truly deserves from a partner.

How Do We Love Ourselves?

How Do We Love Ourselves?

Ep 6 • Topic • 9 min

Summer delves into how lies, self-hate, and racism affect her everyday life and asks the question, “How do we love ourselves?”

21 Questions with Summer

21 Questions with Summer

Ep 7 • Topic • 7 min

Some dead-ass answers to some funny questions, by Summer.

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What our listeners are saying


it feels so good to know I can connect and relate EVEN MORE with my favorite artist 💕 I'm so glad you did this Summer we appreciate you more than you know ❗️😩


Episode 1

💯❤️So much good warm energy and inspiration unapologetically radiating from all of this! 🙌🏾 Thank You Summer😍 I love you!


Episode 3

OMG we are so connected Spiritually I feel the same way. Your Thoughts are so much like mines. 💕💕💕💕

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