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Mindset makes daily self-care and wellness easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide through authentic storytelling and story sharing.

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Celebrity Mindsets
Listen to artists share their truths
Celebrity Mindsets
Listen to artists share their truths


Mindset is a daily self-care and wellness platform with a library of authentic and intimate audio collections from your favorite artists.

In a hyper-connected world where we feel more isolated than ever, Mindset is flipping the script by harnessing the magnetic power of fame to create space where we feel safe to be seen.

Like a smile, vulnerability is contagious. When we share our truth fearlessly, we shine light into darkness and reveal how much more there is that unites us than divides us.

Mindset Features


Sometimes we don’t need advice. We just need to hear we are not the only one.

Feel inspired as you listen to the stories and life lessons of the people you admire the most. As you listen to Celebrity Mindsets, you’ll be reminded about the importance of self-care and that you are not alone in your challenges. Discover how they dealt with setbacks, overcame adversity, and challenged the status quo to get to where they are today.

Let their personal experiences inspire you on your own journey.

  • Hours of impactful audio content
  • 100% exclusive content
  • Access to an intimate community
  • Text transcripts of each episode


The Daily Check-In feature is a quick and easy 5-minute daily routine that makes practicing self-care and wellness simple and effortless.

Make self-care a daily habit today.


Share your experiences and feelings with others who can truly relate. Read others' stories and feel less alone in your own challenges.

It's time to share your own stories. We all have experiences that evoke a powerful reaction inside us. Whether we're moved to tears or laughter, the emotions that these experiences evoke are worth sharing with others.

The Daily Reflections feature is a place to recount one of those moments, reflect, and be inspired by others.


Mindset's Expert-Led Content offers expert guidance and tools to support your mental wellness.

Our exclusive library is created in partnership with mental health professionals and professors.

Don't let life get the best of you. Take control today with expert advice and guidance.


Start your day with a daily dose of inspiration to motivate, challenge and inspire you to live your best life each and every day.


Connect with members of the Mindset community from all over the world.

As Mindset grows, we want to provide a supportive environment for you to share your experiences, be inspired by each other, and connect with other Mindset members. Mindset's Discord Community is a digital safe space of over 50k members where we can all come together as one community, feel understood, and enjoy each other's presence.

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Making daily self-care easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide.
What Users Think

Comforting content


Debbie Moffat


The Mindset app is like going to a safe place with friends. The content is so comforting and personal that it helps me feel grounded and reassured that I'm not alone, and gives a feeling of confidence that I can take on anything even if its hard.

My favorite app!

Mindset is the best thing. As someone who struggles a lot with their mental health, it's great to have a place like this where you can go and get advice by listening to others' stories. You feel connected and a part of a community where you're not alone.


Dicte Rejmers


Best way to brighten your day

There have been many points in life where I’ve been “down in the dumps” and I always turn back to Mindset to cheer me up. Being able to listen to influential peoples' life stories and what they’ve been through helps me assure myself that I’m not alone.


Lauren Ambrozy


Wonderful community!

Mindset has such a wonderful community associated with it and by engaging in similar struggles and upbringings, I am able to find a community that I enjoy spending time with and also being able to share about life difficulties. Very easy to use too!


Tiffany Truong


Perfect way to unwind

Amazing content, Well organized, and easy to operate, the Mindset app appeals to both new and returning fans of the featured artists. I use the episodes to calm me down while walking to school and I always feel more centered after each episode.

Jessica Ley

Camryn Bazan


Road to a better me

I’m glad that I was able to come across such an amazing app. Mindset has been helping me grow in ways that I didn’t know I could. It shows us that everyone is going through something in life and you are not alone. I would recommend it to everyone!


Evelin Hernandez

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