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Welcome to the mind of Summer Walker



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Exactly what I need

I’m so glad and grateful that this platform exists. It has been amazing listening to the artists’ stories and life lessons. I’m learning so much from their Mindsets and it has helped me understand my own so much more. Thank you for the raw vulnerability and honesty.



I love the initiative of this app. Love how it brings out that inner hidden wounded soul and let if fix again by peices. A shout out to Eric for sharing his stories and stepping out of his bubble to set an example for us to fo the same and help us find a better self

Merrita Mathew

Healing and therapeutic

I absolutely love what DIVE Studios has created, this is a palace where we can all feel at home. I laughed, cried, and even cringed, but overall, I felt known and understood.


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When you purchase a Mindset Collection, you receive hours of impactful audio content, access to an intimate global community, and text transcriptions for all content. Each Collection episode features incredibly honest and personal stories of successes, failures and realizations in life, love, career and everything else in between.
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The Introductory and 1st episodes of every Collection are 100% free, along with all Boosters and the Daily Quotes feature. You can purchase a subscription to access all Mindset Collections or purchase each artist’s full Mindset Collection separately to listen to.
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Mindset Collection episodes are between 10-20 minutes per episode. Mindset Boosters are between 3-7 minutes long.
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You can listen on any Android or iOS mobile device through our Mindset Application. All of our Mindset Collections are also available on our website,
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