Artists like you’ve never heard them.

Welcome to Mindset, a platform dedicated to normalizing the conversation of human experiences through authentic stories of successes and failures, mental health journeys, values, beliefs and realizations in life, love, career and everything else in between.

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Exactly what I need

I’m so glad and grateful that this platform exists. It has been amazing listening to the artists’ stories and life lessons. I’m learning so much from their Mindsets and it has helped me understand my own so much more. Thank you for the raw vulnerability and honesty.


Like listening to a friend

I greatly appreciate those who contributed towards this app and starting a conversation that most aren’t open to have. It’s also such a convenient app to navigate.


Healing and therapeutic

I absolutely love what DIVE Studios has created, this is a palace where we can all feel at home. I laughed, cried, and even cringed, but overall, I felt known and understood.


Like a relaxing cup of tea

Listening to the stories feels like a hot cup of tea after a stressful day. The format of the app is simple and clean which I appreciate greatly. Opening the app provides a great amount of serotonin.


My favorite app!!

Mindset’s exclusive content is absolutely incredible! Breaking the stigma of talking about mental health is so refreshing and really helps you relate and feel closer to your favs. Their insight and stories are also really helpful in empowering you to take on the day while also reminding you that it’s okay to not be okay.

Jessica Ley

Road to a better me

Hearing stories from artists that I admire and respect is incredible. Hearing how all of them have their own struggles and individual journeys is very reassuring that we all have our own path, we just have to walk it day by day.

Mindset App Feature


Mindset is your chance to get close and personal with your favorite artists and celebrities. Think of it as a library of authentic and candid autobiographies, packed with incredible stories that are sure to leave a positive and lasting impact on you and your life. Topics range from mental and physical wellness, successes and failures, morals, values, life hacks, and more.



Immersive, autobiographical audio Collections that get to the core and heart of an artist and their approach to life.

  • Hours of impactful audio content
  • 100% exclusive content
  • Access to an intimate community
  • Text transcripts of each episode
Mindset App Collections


Encouraging content from a Mindset artist to affirm listeners with practical advice and insight into a particular theme or topic related to their Collection.


Daily, inspirational quotes from influential and notable figures to motivate you every day.

Mindset App Feature
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