Created by the team behind DIVE Studios, the audio platform delivers exclusive, intimate audio collections of personal stories and life lessons from artists and prominent figures.

LOS ANGELES, CA — August 25, 2021 — Mindset, an audio platform dedicated to delivering exclusive, intimate audio collections of stars’ personal stories and life lessons, announces today its official launch after a successful beta. Mindset has raised $8.7M in seed funding led by Union Square Ventures to fund the wide expansion of the platform. The funding round also includes participation from TQ Ventures (founded by Andrew Marks, Schuster Tanger and Scooter Braun), A.Capital, SV Angel, as well as angel investors Kevin Lin (Co-Founder of Twitch), Eric Wu (Co-Founder of Opendoor), Rob Fishman and Darren Lachtman (Co-Founders of Brat.TV) and Ruzwana Bashir (Co-Founder and CEO of Peek.com and Scout for Sequoia Capital). The platform has additionally attracted a prestigious group of advisors including, Eric Feng (former Hulu and Flipboard CTO), Lynn Bartsch (Head of Business Affairs at Epic Games) and Dan Lin (Founder of Rideback, which produced such films as Sherlock Holmes, The Lego Movie, IT and Aladdin). 

Mindset, established by brothers and
DIVE Studios co-founders Brian Nam, Eric Nam and Eddie Nam, officially launches today with upgraded features and a new interface from their soft beta launch. The platform will include some of the biggest global stars, including musicians, actors, athletes and other notable public figures. Mindset's audio collections are centered around personal and honest stories directly from artists, celebrities and their family/friends. Each Mindset Collection is produced directly with artists, allowing them to tell their stories and experiences in their own words. Collections include multiple episodes and hours of honest and revealing content that cover a wide spectrum of the human experience. Stories of successes and failures, mental health journeys, values, beliefs and realizations in life, love, career and everything else in between are explored in these compelling series.  

“Mindset was developed with the goal of normalizing meaningful and vulnerable conversations around life and the human experience,” said
Brian Nam, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindset. “Fans and listeners will be able to connect and better understand their favorite artists through their fascinating and unique stories and perspectives on life. Each Collection is incredibly moving and listeners should  expect the unexpected. Our goal is to be a partner to artists who want to tell their stories in the most organic way and create a platform that allows them to connect with fans who look to them for inspiration, empathy and connection.” 

Beyond the Collections and short-form Boosters, key new features of the Mindset app include Daily Quotes from series' artists and notable figures for inspiration and a revamped UI. The Mindset app is available for download on the iTunes and Android app stores, with the introductory and first episodes of each Mindset Collection and all Booster episodes available for free. Full premium collections are available for purchase at $24.99, unlocking access to exclusive and candid discussions. 

“We’re thrilled to back Mindset in its goal of providing people from all walks of life a genuine outlet to better understand the way they are feeling and connect with others who feel the same way,” said
Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures. “We believe that the platform’s future growth will be integral in offering artists, celebrities, creators and more the unique chance to open up through Mindset Collections.” 

“Working closely with artists, I understand the important relationship that is created and fostered with each of their fans,” said
Scooter Braun of TQ Ventures. “Through Mindset, the gap between each is being bridged in a way that has never been done before. With every Mindset Collection, listeners are able to really hear who each artist is through unique and personally produced content, resulting in an authentic connection that isn’t always achievable through social or traditional media.”   

For more information on Mindset, please visit: https://www.getmindset.com 


Mindset – from the co-founders of DIVE Studios, Eric, Brian and Eddie Nam – is an audio platform for artists and celebrities to share their personal stories and life lessons directly with fans. Mindset’s audio collections ("Mindset Collections") are based on incredibly personal and honest stories by some of the world's leading artists. Artists co-produce and narrate their own Mindset Collections which deliver unique, exclusive, and unfiltered stories from their lives, including candid conversations and interviews with friends, family, and those closest to them. The Mindset app is available for download on the iTunes and Android app stores, with the introduction and first episodes of each Mindset Collection and all Booster episodes available for free. Each full Collection is available for purchase at $24.99, unlocking access to exclusive and candid discussions.

Mindset recently announced a $8.7M Seed Funding Round and is primarily backed by Union Square Ventures in addition to a number of notable investors such as TQ Ventures, A.Capital, SV Angel, and others.

DIVE Studios was founded in 2019 and launched Mindset in 2021. Both are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
For more information about Mindset, please visit